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Reset to Shine




You’ve probably seen the meme that says, “2020 needs to hit the reset button.” I believe that this epic, historic, unprecedented time we’re experiencing IS the reset. The entire world is slowing switching to the off position. And while that can feel scary, I believe we will all come out of this in a much kinder, more cooperative state of being.

From a spiritual standpoint I believe we are all connected, although it doesn’t feel or look that way on the surface. But NOW, it’s quite easy to see how globally connected we are to one another. What started in China and seemed distant and safe is now here and threatening. We are all reliant right now on everyone doing their part to keep us safe. I stay in so you don’t get sick. You stay in so I don’t get sick. It doesn’t get any more interconnected than that! Also there have been reports of the sky over China not being as clear and blue as it has been in recent months. The water in Venice has become so clear you can see schools of silver fish!

My point is this: Good things always come from dire situations. The human body can be defeated fairly easily, but the human spirit cannot! There are currently examples in every country, city, and neighborhood of people helping people, just like we saw after the tragic time following 9/ll. This is where we humans shine! We shine because we care. We shine because we see sickness and we want to heal it. We shine because we see injustice and want to right it. One way to shine is to keep good thoughts going in your own mind. I have a few favorite mantras that you may find helpful. You can repeat these over and over in your mind, write them on a sticky note and put them on your fridge or bathroom mirror, or simply read through them if you find yourself stressing out.

All is well. All is well. And all will be well.

May I be happy. May I be well. May I be free from suffering. (Repeat two more times, replacing “I” with “you” the second time, and replacing “I” with “we” the third time.)

Every storm runs out of rain. (Maya Angelou)

I breathe in peace. I breathe out stress.

From this situation only good can come to me. (My favorite!)

Of course, there are many more and you can make up your own! If you’re having a hard time seeing anything good or positive in this current reset, call me! We can come up with an individual plan just for you. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking From This Situation Only Good Can Come To Me and All Is Well. I hope you are, too.

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