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It's Time To Rise!

This weekend is Easter. Whether this is a holiday you celebrate or not, I think it's an appropriate time to consider the concept of surrendering what's old, dead, and no longer useful to create space for the new that is rising within you.

No matter where we are in our earthly journey, we can always take the time to re-evaluate. We must constantly question what we're allowing to remain in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual space, as all of these aspects of us are connected.

We can use the physical to make room for the mental, emotional, and spiritual breakthroughs.

Whether you clear a closet, a drawer, or your entire house, doing so also creates spaciousness in your awareness. This spaciousness allows new ideas to rise into our consciousness.

When we create this new space within our environment, we free ourselves to rise to new heights in our thoughts and perceptions. When we rise to a new vantage point, we have more freedom to become a lighter, brighter version of ourselves.

So I invite you to ask yourself some questions this week to help direct your own rising. Journal on some of these questions to see where you're being called to rise.

  • What can I let go of that is no longer serving me, whether it's physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual?

  • How can I create space to allow this rising to be easy, freeing, even fun?

  • Is there anyone I'd like to take on this rising journey with me?

  • In what ways can I acknowledge myself for the rising I have already allowed?

  • How can my rising be a benefit to my family, friends, community, and world?

Happy rising, friend. I can't wait to hear about the new heights you've reached!


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