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It Took A Pandemic

My blog this week is in the form of a poem. I hope you find some inspiration from it.


It took a pandemic for everyone to see

We were drowning in our own toxicity.

It took a pandemic for us to be able

To have the whole family eat at one table.

It took the whole world becoming infected

For us to start seeing those most neglected.

It took the whole world grinding to a halt

To realize, just maybe, this was our fault.

It took losing so many vulnerable souls

To notice perhaps we’d been setting bad goals.

It took staying a distance of six feet apart

To remember the importance of a hug to a heart.

It took keeping us separate to bring us together

To know we’re meant to be connected forever.

It took a pandemic to understand the verse

The first shall be last; and the last shall be first.

We’ve all lost so much, yet more we will gain

If we remember the lessons from all of this pain.

We hear every day, “We’re in this together.”

Yet hasn’t it truly been like this forever?

It took this pandemic for all of us to see.

My actions affect you; and your choices, me.

Let’s take all these lessons

Learned through losses so epic,

May we never again say

It took a pandemic.

If you would like to print this, it is available on my website here:

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