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Are You In Control?

"Worthiness is about surrender - detaching from the outcome you think you need to be happy or grateful, and letting go of expectations and the need to predict."

Dr. Joe Dispenza


This quote from the incomparable Dr. Joe Dispenza covers so much in just a few words. He hits on several themes here; namely, worthiness, surrender, and expectations.

It's like the trifecta of growth!


Focusing on surrender, you'll notice he uses several terms that are contrary to it. Outcomes, expectations, and the need to predict - all of these speak to our human inclination to want to be in control.


The problem is that control is an illusion. We don't really have control over very much at all. Our minds have been running the show for so long that we feel like we're in control when truthfully, we are not.


We may be setting up conditions that are favorable to the outcome we'd like to achieve, but that doesn't really "make" them happen. Unfortunately when we believe we're in control and things don't work out as anticipated, we can become frustrated and hyper-critical of ourselves if things don't happen exactly as we've planned.


This can lead to more negative self-talk, which will virtually assure that things aren't going to get better.


So once again we see that the only wise choice is to soften, let go, and surrender. We can save ourselves a lot of needless heartache and rumination when we realize we can only do so much, and then we can sweetly release the need for a specific outcome and be available to accept and move forward from whatever happens.


Surrender ultimately leads to freedom. And isn't that what you were really after anyway?


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