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Surrender Into More?

I was recently listening to a recording of one of my absolute favorite spiritual teachers, Dr. Sue Morter, when she said something that stopped me in my tracks. She said, “However much love they (the person you’re working with) can muster, you get to surrender into even more.”

Surrender into more? 

Prior to this, I had never looked at surrender as something that was an addition. I always thought of it as a “subtraction,” a getting rid of something undesirable to make room for something better. But now this, surrendering into more. Whoa. Game changer.

And this brings up the inevitable question, “How do I surrender into more?” 

It’s a complete mental shift, right? I am letting go of my fear and my smallness (which is only a limit placed on me in my own mind) to be open to my greatness, my fullness, my complete and irrefutable worthiness! When it comes down to it, isn’t this what we’re here for? To use our wholeness to live the life we choose, the life we desire, and use it to expand even further?

It is a mental shift from seeing ourselves as flawed, unworthy, or incomplete to seeing ourselves as whole beings who get to continue to expand into our power, beauty, intelligence, abundance, and love. 

When we identify solely as our earthbound human selves, it’s easy to understand why we live in constant craving and dissatisfaction. We see the outside world, compare ourselves to someone or something we fear is unattainable for us, and we automatically feel a sense of lack.

But we are so much more than this human self that is temporarily constrained by time and space. Our true self is one with the divine, one with God or source or universe or however you choose to name the unnamable. And this oneness means we are, by our very nature, whole, worthy, and complete.

Now surrendering into more simply means we are accepting of the truth that as the universe expands, so do we. We are not lowly, separate beings destined to suffer and make do while others thrive. No, we are here to expand and thrive as well. It is our birthright as a divine being coming into human form.

So here is your personal invitation from the universe today: Surrender. Surrender into more. Trust that it’s all waiting for you on the other side of your fear.

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15 mar
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Thank you, Theresa, for sharing. Yes, it makes you stop and ponder and ease into surrender with joy. It shifted my understanding of "surrender" which was much like yours. Margarita

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